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If you’ve ever considered what it might feel like to walk on the surface of the moon, the volcanic landscapes at Bartolome are likely to be a familiar scene! Dotted with impressive craters, volcanoes and lava flows, it is an incredible landscape with spiralling oozing patterns of solidified lava. It may appear desolate, but one of the most fascinating things to see here is how life is slowly reintroducing itself. Green and white arid and littoral zone plants as well as the the odd lizard can be seen emerging from the cracks.

Pinnacle rock is one of the most photographed spots in the Galapagos. Once you have climbed nearly 400 steps, you are rewarded with striking views of lush mangroves and two semi-circular coves that are joined in the middle. The area is also a popular snorkelling site as it is home to marine animals including white-tipped reef sharks, rays and sea-lions. There is also a white sand beach with marine iguanas, sally light-foot crabs, sea lions and, if you are lucky, Galapagos penguins.

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